Custom Crown General Info

So you want a custom crown to stand out from the rest? Excellent!
In our many years, We have made THOUSANDS of custom crown for some of the biggest names in Pageants, Dance & Bridal companies over the years and throughly enjoy the process!
We are the factory, so we can work with most budgets to design the crown of your dreams! 
We have put together below a list of our most asked questions when it comes to custom crowns, please read these first before you email to expediate the process! 
*We have a minimum order of 12 pieces per size on any custom crown, pin or scepter. Please note, you don’t have to order in multiples of 12, just a minimum of 12. Over that number you can do 13, 20, 40 etc. If you do not need 12, we can add your name to the band of any of our stock designs for only $5 per crown. No minimum order required!
 *Our turn around is usually 4-6 weeks once the design is finalized and production begins.
*We cannot copy another company’s crown design or anything that would be copyrighted/trademarked (Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty etc.)
*We can, however, look at other crowns you do like and take aspects of those to make a brand new crown
*There is no cost associated with a custom crown.  These pretty much run parallel in price to our stock crowns that would be a similar size or design.
*Process timeline
1. You will email as much info as possible to Please be sure to include pictures or ideas of things you like, do not like and the date needed.
2. Our team will work with you to photoshop a rough sketch to send to our design team that will be turned into a rhinestone mould.
3. Once the mould is complete the crown will be sent into production.
4. Once done, we will send a final picture and get them on their way to their new home! 
We require a 50% deposit to put crowns into production, the remaining 50% can be paid in payments or at the time of completion.
We know this feels like ALOT of info, but our custom team is top notch! If you have additional questions or are ready to get started, please email