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  • Size: 4″ tall on a flexible metal band with hair combs on each end.
  • Silver Metal Plating Color
  • Dazzling Rhinestone Chain: The Lyric Series features a clear rhinestone chain that delicately cascades, exuding a mesmerizing brilliance with every movement. The radiant sparkle will captivate all who behold you, ensuring you are the focal point of any event.
  • Exquisite Accent Stones: Adorned with a combination of oval and round accent stones, these crowns showcase a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and captivating allure. The placement of each stone creates dramatic peaks, adding an extra touch of sophistication and elevating your presence to new heights.
  • Perfect for Unforgettable Moments: The Lyric Series is the epitome of elegance and grace, making it perfect for pageants, weddings, quinceaneras, proms, homecomings, or any special occasion where you desire to make a lasting impression. Embrace the grandeur and let your crown be a reflection of your inner beauty.
  • Versatile and Photogenic: Whether you’re walking down the aisle, gracing the stage, capturing breathtaking photographs, or making memories to cherish, the Lyric Series is your ultimate companion. Its timeless design and captivating beauty ensure you shine in every frame.

To explore the full collection, immerse yourself in its symphony of elegance by searching for the name “Lyric.” Each size is carefully crafted to resonate with your vision and create a harmonious balance between beauty and fit.

Choose the Lyric Series and let your crown sing the song of elegance and grandeur. Embrace the dramatic peaks and make a lasting impression that echoes in the hearts of all who witness your presence. Order your crown now and prepare to create unforgettable memories.




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